Cloud Ready Open Banking Platform

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Nearly all of today’s Core Banking systems were designed not just in an era before mobile, 5G and cloud but in an era before the internet. It is therefore not surprising that banks are struggling to react to the fast-moving digital world of what commentators call ‘the Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

Silverlake Digital Economy was founded in 2012 as a FINTECH with an unusual vision. Most FINTECHs are focused on applying a disruptive technology to niche aspects of banking. Silverlake Digital Economy is focused on accelerating the move of a whole bank into the digital world of the 4th Industrial Revolution by providing a complete e2e banking software platform. In the period to 2016, Silverlake Digital Economy built a platform that encompassed all the digital bank execution needs using JAVA and Open Source to create new simplified digital banking processes. The Digital Bank Platform provides the customer experience and STP processes for all products and services of a commercial bank and ‘speed to market’ configurations to manage them in a new digital world of continuous, fast-moving change.

In the period to 2018, Silverlake Digital Economy deployed its platform in banks in Brunei, Dubai and Sri Lanka to help them move from traditional to digital processing across the new digital channels and re-engineered physical channels. The innovations introduced by Silverlake Digital Economy won Asian Banker Innovation Awards in 2016 and 2018.

In 2018, Silverlake Digital Economy was acquired by Silverlake Axis, a public company associated with the delivery of the highly successful SIBS Core Banking software. This acquisition not only enabled the existing digital bank and core banking platforms to work better together; it enabled the re-development of the SIBS Core Banking Functionality into the same JAVA, component, Open Source platform as the digital bank.

In 2018, Silverlake AXIS announced the Möbius platform as an e2e banking platform comprising components for customer experience, process orchestrations and core banking system of record in one platform. In 2019, the Möbius platform was containerized (using Docker and Kubernetes) and made available as a private cloud platform; in 2020 this cloud platform will be available on hybrid and public cloud as a SaaS offering. The core banking system of record is the first core banking system to be re-written in JAVA micro-services to be ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The Möbius platform contains everything you would expect from a newly designed banking platform – cloud-ready, API-based, customer-centric and ready for the emerging financial eco-systems and market-places. Its common banking services can be deployed with self-service channels (such as mobile apps or e-wallets) and assisted-service channels (such as new branch designs and agents). The Möbius platform provides an overall enterprise framework within which a bank can combine Silverlake Digital Economy components with home-grown or other FINTECH components. Its administrative design enables ‘speed to market’ end-user configuration and reconfiguration of products and policies; its DEVOPS-ready tooling, automated testing and release management approach will continue to enable economic and continuous change in the 4th Industrial revolution.